Manuel Alcalá 曼努埃尔·阿尔卡拉
Manuel Alcalá is a certified Spanish lawyer with more than 21 years of experience advising companies in Spain specialized in corporate, labor and Chinese overseas investment in Spain. He has participated in the structure and implementation of franchising projects in the F&B sector in Spain. Within the labor law practice, he has a broad experience in litigation, development of labor relations systems and collective agreement bargaining advising companies in the service industry such as private security and cleaning service industry.
  • Certified Spanish lawyer

  • Master Degree in Labor law and Social Security by CEF

  • Bachelor Degree in Law by University of Barcelona(Spain)

  • Executive program for the development of talent by IEDE European University of Madrid

  • Associate teacher of “Master on Private Security Management” by University of Barcelona


  • Spanish, Catalan & English